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Getting to grips with Peelable Waxes

Getting to grips with Peelable Waxes; Our Top Tips for using our Peelable Waxes. Why use Peelable? Peelable waxes, (also known as Hot/Hard wax), are great for sensitive areas of the body. If you’re a wax therapist who specialises in bikini, intimate, facial and underarm waxing, then peelable is must-have! Our Peelable waxes apply thinly […]

Nature Infused Therapy

Why the power of nature couldn’t be more important right now. Let’s be honest, things have all become a little bit odd recently. And with the current state of affairs around the globe, it’s natural to feel a little overwhelmed and anxious. As we are still advised to stay at home as much as possible […]

Brazilian Wax: Tips for First-Timers

If you have booked your first Brazilian wax, then you will know that it differs from the traditional bikini wax in that all hair is removed (front, back and in between). The idea of a Brazilian wax may still seem a little daunting; however, you have already overcome the biggest hurdle in deciding to get […]

Strip vs Peelable

What are the main differences between strip wax and peelable wax? Strip Wax (Warm/Soft Wax) Strip wax, or more commonly known as warm or soft wax, is a runny wax that is applied in a thin layer using a disposable wooden spatula. The hair is then removed by rubbing a paper or cloth strip against […]

Beat the at home Boredom

Beat the at home boredom. As we’re all going through the motions of lockdown boredom, we have some small suggestions which may help you during this time. You may have tried a few already! Limit your TV watching We know it might seem like the easiest and most convenient at these times to just slouch […]

Our top pick of stress & anxiety calming essential oils.

It’s a well-known fact that we love essential oils at Outback Organics, using both Tea Tree and Lemon Myrtle as base ingredients for many of our skincare products. But alongside their skincare benefits, many essential oils also have stress & anxiety calming qualities to them. Stress-related health issues and anxiety have become more common in […]

Skin Sanitisers and their effects

The drying effect of alcohol-based hand sanitisers In the current situation we find ourselves in, the need to keep our hands clean has become a priority and necessity. It is recommended to use a sanitiser with high alcohol content in the best efforts to kill off the virus. And an alcohol-free sanitiser is proven to […]

New waxes from Outback Organics

Outback Organics has recently launched two new waxes to add to their collection. Following on from their previous releases, they will both be gel formulated. If you are an avid Outback user know, they go on very thinly and leave little to no sticky residue on the skin. The first of the two is called […]

Ingrown Hair: Prevention & Treatment

What is an ingrown hair? An ingrown hair is where the hair has been trapped under the skin. Occasionally, dead skin can clog a hair follicle which forces the hair to grow sideways under your skin, rather than up and out. They can cause red, often itchy bumps where a hair has grown back into the skin. Anyone […]

Outback Organics Sustainability Goals

Outback Organics are putting in place Peelable wax incentives to reduce single-use plastic Outback Organics are now offering 10kg and 20kg boxes of their best selling peelable hot wax, Opal and Gold. This is in the effort to stop the large consumption of single-use plastic bags salons ends up using when ordering large amounts of […]