7 Things Your Beautician Wishes You Knew

Yes waxing isn’t the most relaxing beauty appointment to endure, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be made easier and nor is it something you should avoid out of fear. Whether you’re guilty of over thinking it, heading to the salon with barely-there-hair, or not applying any aftercare products, you’re making waxing harder than it has to be.

So, although waxing may not be at the top of your beauty appointments wish list, we’re here to reassure you that getting over the fear and taking some simple steps will make the process more than worth it.

Here are the 7 things your beautician wishes you knew so you can book your appointment and get down to the salon with no stress!

1. Length is key

The optimum waxing length of hair is widely considered to be between ¼ and ½ inch for best results. Anything shorter than 1 cm will not achieve the desired effect and cause your wax to be more hassle and more painful. Nevertheless, your beautician can trim your hair before the wax to get it to the perfect length. It is recommended that you return to your beautician around every 4 weeks as this is the amount of time it will take for your hair to reach the optimum length.

2. Prepping will keep it pain-free

We know we keep barking on about the best products to use to prep for your wax, but it honestly makes a huge difference to your experience, both in terms of the quality of the effects and the discomfort felt during the wax. For best results, make sure you exfoliate with the Outback Organics Face and Body Scrub leading up to (and including the day before) your wax to get rid of excess skin and to prevent ingrown hairs from popping up afterwards. You should also cleanse your skin well before your wax to avoid irritations.

3. Time it well

It’s never a sensible idea to wax when you’re hungover, unwell or on your period. Your skin is more sensitive during these times and the experience is guaranteed to be a painful one. Book your wax around the middle of your cycle to make it as comfortable as possible. Remember you can apply the Outback Organics Bush Balm straight after your wax to soothe delicate area.

4. Shaving is not your friend

We’ve all been there – the emergency shave at last minute. However tempting, it really is best to avoid shaving and disrupting your waxing regime. Shaving between your waxing appointments will undo all your hard work and, whereas regular waxing will cause your hair to grow back finer and sparser, shaving will cause havoc to this process.

5. Routine

Just as avoiding shaving is important to your waxing regime, so is regularity. If you want finer and sparser hair as quickly as possible, then a waxing routine is the way to get it. Yes, this means year-round waxing and not just in summer! After all, there are benefits to having ready-to-go legs in party season. Keep them exfoliated and moisturised too and you’ll be all set.

6. Aftercare, aftercare, aftercare!

You won’t have reason to complain about pesky ingrown hairs and bumps if you use the right products after your wax. Start with our Post-Wax Spray to calm and soothe the skin, then a day after your wax, keep your skin moisturised with our Hand and Body Lotion and apply the Ingrown Hair Serum to gently exfoliate the skin.

7. No fear

Most importantly, your beautician wants you to know that a wax is nothing to fear. With the right pre and post-wax care, the discomfort is minimal and the effects make it more than worth it. If you’re worried about embarrassment, remember, your beautician has seen hundreds of different clients so there really is nothing to be embarrassed about!

Check out the full range of products on offer at Outback Organics to make your waxing experience a breeze.

Posted on February 22nd 2016

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