Beat the at home Boredom

Beat the at home boredom.

As we’re all going through the motions of lockdown boredom, we have some small suggestions which may help you during this time. You may have tried a few already!

Limit your TV watching

We know it might seem like the easiest and most convenient at these times to just slouch on the couch, but it could get boring very quickly! Limit your TV watching and focus on an activity which is more proactive, call your friends and family and have a quiz, pick up a pencil and draw something or practise meditation or yoga to soothe the mind.

Get creative

Stretch your creative mind and try something new, learn a new language or get messy with paints! There are a million options and now we have the time to learn and explore.

Spend some time in the kitchen

Now is an excellent time to crack out those dusty baking books or cook books and try making something in the kitchen! The time passes so quickly and you’ve achieved something at the end of it, plus you will have a nice treat to look forward to, yum!

Stretch your green fingers

It seems as though the weather has been on our side, for now! Make the most of it and give your garden (big or small) some TLC.

Exercise, stretch and be active

You might not feel like jumping around your living room floor to stay active. However, it probably is the most essential advice to stay sane during these times! Whilst exercising we release endorphins that make us happy! It is also important to take the government advice and leave your house for your one form of exercise – but make sure you keep your 2m distance for your safety.

But whatever you’re doing during this time, remember to stay safe and we’ll all get through this together.

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Posted on May 11th 2020

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