Biodegradable Wet Wipes

Outback organics have made the swap to biodegradable wet wipes in their effort to become a more sustainable company.

Outback Organics are making big strides towards making environmentally friendly changes to their products, manufacturing and packaging in their effort to become a more sustainable company.

Earth friendly wipes

The latest swap they have made are biodegradable intimate wipes and wet wipes. Outback Organics have opted for a less environmentally harmful option by making the wipes biodegradable. The wipes will break down naturally once disposed of and can even be composted.

Formulated with no harsh chemicals, Outback Organics intimate wipes are infused with chamomile and aloe vera which are gentle on the skin and are perfect for intimate and sensitive areas. The new Outback wet wipes will now have a citrus and ‘lemony’ aroma in line with their new lemon myrtle range. Lemon myrtle has powerful antimicrobial properties and is a natural antiseptic and lends itself to being an excellent ‘active’ ingredient within skin care products. The wet wipes come in a pack of 24 and will be available to purchase soon.

Why are wet wipes so bad for our environment?

Wet wipes, baby wipes and cleansing wipes have a massive detrimental impact on the environment and wildlife habitats along with other issues such as one of the main causes of ‘fatbergs’ once flushed down the toilet. Flushing wipes down the toilet is never recommended as flushable wipes still remain a big problem when it comes to our waterways and sewer blockages.

As well as being harmful to our environment and causing major sewer blockages, wet wipes are also changing our riverbeds. Even before the wipes reach our seas, they are causing havoc in our rivers and canals. Wipes drift to the bottom of the bed, getting clogged with mud, sticks and other debris, forming part of the riverbed often misleading the human eye into looking natural and it has been reported that they are changing the shape of some riverbeds. Once the wipe has eventually reached our sea’s and oceans, they get ingested by sea creatures, such as turtles, who mistake them for jellyfish and ultimately die from the unnatural substance.

Outback Organics comments, ‘We are happy to be able to offer our customers environmentally and earth friendly alternatives which will help towards the sustainability of our future.’

For more information on their biodegradable wipes click here.

Posted on July 18th 2019

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