Blue Monday

Usually falling on the third Monday of January Blue Monday is known to be the most depressing day of the year in the northern hemisphere.

Originally conceived in 2005, the concept is calculated using an equation allowing for the weather, the time since Christmas, likelihood of breaking New Years resolutions, and time until payday. The original intention of the day was to encourage us to do something good for ourselves to lift our moods, so why break tradition? To help lift your mood we are offering you 20% off our wonderful True Blue 800g strip and peelable waxes.

True Blue is our best-selling strip wax, with a fragrance structured like classic perfumery with elements of green tea, sparkling citrus and woody botanicals. Our peelable wax is ideal for use on the face, underarms and intimate areas, where our strip wax is best for larger areas such as legs. Both waxes are vegan and offer a unisex solution to waxing.  

This offer is only valid for Blue Monday and ends at midnight on 15.01.24.

Posted by Dawn on January 15th 2024

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