Easy Upselling Wins for Christmas

Let us talk about Christmas! Christmas is one of the most profitable times of the year for the hair and beauty industry. With this in mind, we have created a list of easy upselling wins which you can use to help boost your average transaction value over the festive period.

Up-sell your aftercare products.

We’re officially telling you to name-drop your aftercare products. Mentioning the products you’re using during the treatment time with your client is a great way of introducing them to your fantastic range of botanical, aftercare products. Which you just so happen to have available to purchase.

“I’m just going to apply a layer of Bush Balm now. This product is great for soothing and restoring moisture to the skin, as well as helping to prevent ingrown hairs”.

We highly recommend having one of our Bush Balm Sachets, Individual Intimate Wipes, and Post-Wax Aftercare cards available to give to first-time clients after their treatment. This will help to introduce them to the aftercare range and encourage clients to invest in larger sizes to continue their aftercare at home.

Gift Cards and Vouchers.

It’s a simple one, but it’s so effective! Offering either Gift Cards or Vouchers for clients to purchase as Christmas Gifts is an instant win. Not only is it money in the till, but it also encourages client loyalty and returning business.

Create a captivating Christmas Display.

‘Eye-level, is buy-level’ – Make sure your display is visible from multiple areas of your salon or treatment room and has clear PoS making it easy for clients to shop, and of course, make it festive! There are no limits when it comes to making a Christmas Display, so use it as an opportunity to get creative and make your Christmas gifts pop.

We have a fantastic range of pre-made gifts for Christmas at Outback Organics. Check them out here.

Outback Organics Ingrown Hair Serum

Outback Organics Ingrown Hair Serum makes the perfect stocking filler.

Easy Till Add-ons.

Less is more when it comes to till add-ons. There is nothing worse than a client trying to get their purse/wallet out to pay, and then accidentally knocking products onto the floor in the process due to lack of space. Think small, key-products, and stocking fillers at reasonable price points. We recommend our Bush Balm 50ml, Skin Wash 50ml, and Ingrown Hair Serum 8ml.

Festive Fragrance.

How often do you have clients entering your salon or treatment room and commenting on how lovely it smells? Hello, big upselling opportunity! Inform your clients of what candles, diffusers, and fragrances you’re using, and make sure you have them available to purchase.

We recommend our gorgeous smelling Lemongrass and Lime Candle, or Grapefruit and Mimosa Reed Diffuser.

Posted on November 6th 2020

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