Getting to grips with Peelable Waxes

Getting to grips with Peelable Waxes; Our Top Tips for using our Peelable Waxes.

Why use Peelable?

Peelable waxes, (also known as Hot/Hard wax), are great for sensitive areas of the body. If you’re a wax therapist who specialises in bikini, intimate, facial and underarm waxing, then peelable is must-have!

Our Peelable waxes apply thinly onto the skin and dry quickly. The beauty with our peelable waxes is that they adhere to the hair follicle rather than the skin, therefore leading to less skin pull and trauma, creating an overall more comfortable wax treatment. It’s this which makes peelable waxes perfect for more sensitive skin and areas of the body.

Can we also mention that peelable waxes are incredibly economical? The wax dries and removes directly from the skin, meaning there is no need for strips.

Outback Organics Peelable

Our Top Tips:

Ensure the ‘Waxburg’ remain solid; The wax core or ‘waxburg’ should remain solid in the center. Do not be tempted to stir this in, as this can alter the texture and workability of your wax. Work from the wax around the edge.

Invest in a thermometer; Our Head Trainer, Claire, recommends investing in a thermometer to successful achieve the correct ‘working wax’ temperature for all our waxes.

For Opal & Gold; the working wax temperature needs to be between 52 – 56 degrees C.

For Jade & Onyx; the working wax temperature needs to be between 54 – 56 degrees C.

Watch Claire’s tips on using thermometers here.

Use a Wax Inner; Less mess, less waste. We recommend using a wax inner for all peelable waxes. Not only does it save on the messy job of cleaning out your wax pot every time you want to change waxes, but its also a much more hygienic way to use peelable.

Shop our range of wax inners here.

Consistency; Check the consistency of your peelable wax, visually. Our Peelable waxes should have the consistency of thick honey.

Not sure what to look for? Have a look at Claire performing a consistency check here.

Application; Our peelable waxes are designed to be applied using one of two techniques: Paintbrush & Buttering.

Paintbrush Technique: Apply the wax onto the end of the spatula and hold upright. Use paintbrush-like movements in the direction of hair growth. Finish application with a rounded edge to ease removal. Remove patch against the hair growth direction.

Buttering Technique: Apply wax onto spatula and position sideways. Using straight downward movements, spread the wax in the direction of the hair growth in an even, large patch. Finish application with a rounded edge to ease removal. Remove patch against the hair growth direction.

Outback Organics Peelable Waxes

Get to know our Peelable Waxes.

Opal Peelable; A revolutionary hypo-allergenic, vegan-friendly wax which is perfect for ultra-sensitive areas, including the face, underarms, bikini and intimate areas.

Gold Peelable; A buttery textured wax designed to make waxing a first-class experience from start to finish. Suitable for sensitive and intimate areas, as well as larger areas such as the legs, back and chest.

Jade Peelable; A silky, lightweight wax, with a fresh aroma designed for female use. It’s eucalyptus properties help to calm and soothe the skin. Jade is suitable for face, underarm and bikini waxing.

Onyx Peelable; An earthy, masculine scented wax, infused with Eugenol, creating a peelable wax with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Ideal for male clients, and use on larger areas such as the legs, back and chest. Onyx is also great for male facial waxing.

Posted on August 3rd 2020

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