How do you apply Outback Organics peelable wax?


Are you applying the wax correctly? To get the best out of a peelable wax or as some may refer ‘Hot Wax’ all depends on how you are using them.

We advise on a couple of techniques but the general principle is that they should be applied very thin, meaning they will go 20 – 30% further than other waxes. The following principles are based on normal hair with a 3 – 4-week clear growth. In certain instances, the rule can be modified to cater for shorter terminal hair types.

Paintbrush Technique

  1. Apply the wax onto the end of the spatula and hold upright
  2. Apply to skin using paintbrush-like movements in the direction of the hair growth
  3. Finish application with a rounded edge to ease removal
  4. Remove patch against the hair growth direction

Buttering technique

  1. Apply wax onto a spatula and position sideways
  2. Using straight downward movements, spread the wax in the direction of the hair growth in an even, large patch
  3. Finish application with a rounded edge to ease removal
  4. Remove patch against the hair growth direction

Peelable waxing procedure

  1. Place your wax beads in a suitable wax warmer and heat until just melted (52 – 56 degrees). Outback Organics peelable waxes are applied warm, not hot, and should have the consistency of golden syrup when at the correct temperature. The wax in the centre of the pot should stay fairly solid; take your melted wax from around the edges.
  2. Use antiseptic Gel Cleanser to clean the area ready to be waxed
  3. Apply a fine mist of Botanical Body Oil to create a barrier between the wax and skin; this makes the waxing procedure more comfortable for your client. Remove excess by blotting with a tissue.
  4. Stretching the skin taut, scoop a ball of wax onto the tip of your spatula and apply a thin, single layer to the body in the direction of hair growth. (Where possible, the end of your strip should   finish in a hair-free area.)
  5. Use firm pressure with your spatula to ensure wax is pressed all the way down to the skin. The edges of your strip need an even thickness to prevent breakage during the removal.
  6. Outback peelable waxes remain supple even when fully cooled, allowing multiple strips to be laid without fear of them becoming brittle.
  7. The wax will take less than 30 seconds to set on the body. The surface will go slightly opaque and lose its stickiness when itis ready to come home.
  8. Stretch the skin taut and lift a corner of dried wax to begin your pull. Remove wax in the opposite direction to application.
  9. 7. Following the waxing treatment, apply a generous amount of Botanical Body Oil to remove any wax residue and follow with Gel Cleanser to cool sanitise.
  10. Spritz Post-Wax Spray lightly over the treated area to reduce any redness and guard against irritation (legs, arms, back and chest only)

Finish with a gentle massage using Post-Wax Lotion or Bush Balm to nourish and protect the skin, leaving it silky smooth.

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Posted on September 19th 2023

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