Male Grooming & Outback Organics; Our Male Grooming Essentials.

In 2017, it was recorded that the ‘male grooming industry’ reached $57.7 Billion USD on the global market, and it’s estimated to reach $78.6 Billion USD by 2023. This growth has opened numerous opportunities for both brands and manufacturers to tap into this market. It’s to no surprise that many salon businesses are starting to include male grooming treatments within their salons.

Male Grooming & Clean Beauty.

The ‘clean beauty’ movement has grown in rapid popularity amongst consumers and brands; this movement has also stretched to the male grooming industry. The male consumer is equally as conscious about what they are putting onto their skin, as well as what it’s packaged in. Ethical branded products, with natural and organic ingredients, which are packaged sustainably are growing within this market.

Male Grooming & Outback Organics.

At Outback Organics, we have been conscious of the male grooming market whilst developing our products. We have a range of fantastic products which have been specifically designed to suit the male consumer. These include skincare and waxing products.

Here is our list of Male Grooming & Waxing must-haves for your salon and clients.

Onyx Peelable Wax; Part of the Outback Organics Peelable range, Onyx is perfect for male ears, nostrils and male facial waxing treatments. Black in colour, the wax is scented with chamomile, jasmine, vanilla and clove, giving a sweet yet earthy, masculine aroma. Onyx Peelable contains Eugenol, which has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, and therefore making it perfect for male waxing.

Post-Wax Spray; A soothing, alcohol-free mist which helps to prevent and treat irritation, bumps and pimples that occur on the body after waxing or shaving. Our Post Wax Spray has a fresh, lemon scent, and harnesses the cooling, soothing benefits of Aloe Vera, Cucumber and Australia Bush Mint. Its light texture makes it perfect for male clients.

Aloe Vera Gel; A cooling, fragrance-free gel which can be used anywhere on the face or body after hair removal. Its light gel texture is quickly absorbed into the skin, without stickiness, which makes it’s especially desirable by male clients. Organic Aloe Vera reduces redness and skin sensitivity.

Want to get Started?

Don’t yet have male grooming treatments on your waxing menu, and would like to get started? We’ve got you covered at Outback Organics.

Male Grooming Kit; Our Male Grooming Kit is perfect for salons and barbers, who wish to perform male ear, nostril and facial waxing treatments. The kit includes 1x bag of our Onyx Peelable, a 100cc Wax Heater, 20x Foil Cup Inners and a pack of Mini Spatulas (50pk).

Male Intimate Waxing Course; Did you know that we offer training courses for Male Intimate Waxing? Our Male Intimate Wax Training course is Guild Accredited, and covers hands-on training, theory and live demonstrations, including positioning, stretching and application techniques. Head over to the training section of our website for more information.

Posted on July 13th 2020

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