Nailing your Waxing Aftercare with Outback Organics.

All professional therapists understand the importance of aftercare after completing a waxing treatment. At Outback Organics, we are proud to offer four, botanically rich solutions which tackle common reactions that can happen after waxing for all areas of the face and body. But were you aware that our Post-Wax products can also be combined together?

For Legs.

Product Combination: Post-Wax Lotion & Post-Wax Spray.

Post Wax Lotion

These two nourishing products work together in perfect harmony to reduce irritation and restore skin harmony.

Use our antibacterial Post-Wax Spray first and work it into the skin. Its lemon myrtle and grapefruit seed formula helps to reduce irritation, and prevent bumps and pimples from occurring on the skin. Follow this with our deeply moisturising Post-Wax Lotion and massage into the skin. With the added benefits of Rosehip Oil, this lotion works deep down into the skin helping to nourish and repair.

For Male Back, Chests & Abdomen.

Product Combination: Aloe Gel & Post-Wax Spray.

Post-Wax Spray

Men’s skin is naturally more sensitive and tends to be more prone to common reactions which can occur after waxing. Because of this, we want to ensure that we are using a combination of products which are going to tackle these issues.

Use our Aloe Gel first and gently massage it into the skin. Its light gel texture is easily absorbed into the skin and helps to reduce skin sensitivity and redness; two common skin reactions that male clients suffer with. Follow this with our Post-Wax Spray. Mist onto the skin and gently work in. The added ingredients of aloe vera and cucumber work in harmony with the Aloe Gel to cool and calm the skin, whilst antiseptic lemon myrtle oil works to reduce post-wax pimples.

For Facial Waxing.

Product Combination: Aloe Gel & Bush Balm.

Aloe Gel

Whether you’re waxing a client’s brows, upper lip or chin, this product combination helps to reduce redness and prevent small, pesky pimples from occurring.

Apply Aloe Gel to a cotton pad and gently work this into the skin. For areas which have come up particularly red, use our Aloe Gel to create a mask on the skin and leave it for 5mins to work its magic. Follow this with our nourishing Bush Balm. Together with the Aloe Gel, these two products work together to reduce redness quickly.

For Intimate Waxing.

Product Combination: Aloe Gel & Bush Balm.

Bush Balm

When it comes to the intimate area, reducing redness and calming the skin as quickly as possible is going to add to your client’s comfort and overall waxing experience.

Apply Aloe Gel to a cotton pad and gently work this into the skin. You may find that your client might come up slightly red in this area if it’s their first ever intimate wax. If this is the case then you can use our Aloe Gel to create a mask on the skin and leave this to work its magic for 5mins. Follow this with our Bush Balm. This product was designed to be used for the intimate area and works quickly to soothe the skin, reduce redness and de-sensitise the skin. The added ingredients of shea butter, macadamia oil and hyaluronic acid work deep into the skin and help to support the skin’s natural moisturising factors.

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All of our Post-Wax products are available in salon and retail sizes, allowing your clients to continue the aftercare process at home.

Posted on May 10th 2022

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