Nature Infused Therapy

Why the power of nature couldn’t be more important right now.

Let’s be honest, things have all become a little bit odd recently. And with the current state of affairs around the globe, it’s natural to feel a little overwhelmed and anxious.

As we are still advised to stay at home as much as possible and to continue to social-distance, you might be worried about the effects social-distancing and isolation are going to play on your mental well-being.

We can all appreciate that social-distancing can start to become frustrating as time goes on, and because of this, you may find that your mood and general mental wellbeing are affected.

At Outback Organics, we have been looking into ways to help boost our moods and mental well-being in this turbulent time, which don’t involve reaching for another crossword puzzle or joining another quiz on zoom. As we have always done, we have turned to Mother Nature herself for some ‘nature-infused’ inspiration.

Nature Infused Therapy

We first started to explore the world of nature-infused therapies at the start of March and discovered that the main trends for the Spa & Wellness industry were all inspired by nature.

Previous research has shown the positive impacts of spending time within nature, on both our physical and mental health. And it has been linked previously to reducing anxiety, stress and in some cases, symptoms of depression.

If you’re able to, going for a run, walk or cycle and channelling into your surroundings could be a great way to stay connected with nature. However, not everyone is in a position to.

We have pulled together some simple ideas on how you can inject some ‘nature-infused wellness’ into your daily routine, whether you’re outside or inside.

Show your indoor plants some love

It’s a well-known fact that indoor plants are fantastic for removing toxins from the air and injecting oxygen into your home. But did you know that studies have shown that indoor plants also have incredible mood-boosting effects? They are fantastic at improving creativity and concentration, as well as relieving the feeling of stress and generating a sense of calm.

Open your windows

Opening up your windows to allow fresh air & natural sunlight into your home will help you feel more connected with nature, and boost your mood. We recommend turning off your television or radio for 10 minutes and tuning in to the natural outside world.

Get Outside

Sit in your garden, go for a walk, or even a run if you’re able to. Getting your body moving and some fresh air into your lungs can make a difference in your mood. Just ensure you listen to the government’s advice about social-distancing.

Indulge in ‘Forest Bathing’

We previously covered the topic of Forest Bathing on our ‘Spa & Wellness Trends‘ Blog Post, but it’s something that can be easily adapted and incorporated into a day to day routine. Forest Bathing is all about taking time out to slow down and re-connect with nature.

If you’re out for your daily form of exercise, pottering around in your garden, or have your windows open… Tune into your surroundings, listen and connect with nature. Leaves rustling in the trees, the early morning chirping of birds… Take a deep breath in and exhale slowly.

How you are keeping your mind and body healthy? Share your tips with us in the comments below.

Keep up to date with the latest Government advice here.

Posted on June 6th 2020

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