New product launch – Biodegradable cosmetics bag

Outback Organics launches new biodegradable, earth friendly travel bag

Outback Organics have released a new product – biodegradable cosmetics bag which have replaced their popular ‘Little Wonders for Down Under’. The new Big Wonders for Down Under now come in larger bags holding 100ml products rather than the smaller 50ml products. The bags are completely biodegradable, even the zip, are travel friendly and you can reuse them after you’ve used the products!

Plus, they have introduced two additional versions to cater for everyone, the ‘Wonder-ful Body’ set and the ‘Wonders for Him’ set.

You and your clients can now take all your Outback essentials with you this summer in this clear, earth friendly plastic travel bag, perfect for your travels home or away.

The bag is made from Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) which is an earth friendly plastic copolymer that is both biodegradable and recyclable. The cotton and the alloy used on the zipper is also biodegradable.

The bag is available to buy separately or in a handy kit filled with all your Outback essentials.

Posted on July 3rd 2019

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