Our Winter Waxing Must-Haves

We all know the importance of encouraging your clients to keep up with the waxing routine throughout the winter months. But we understand their temptation to put their bare legs back into hibernation, and let the winter fuzz make a long-lasting appearance.

With this in mind, we have selected our favourite waxes from the Outback range, which are perfect for Winter Waxing, and guaranteed to get you, and your clients excited their winter waxing treatment.

Outback Organics Eucalyptus Strip Wax

Outback Organics Eucalyptus Strip Wax

Eucalyptus Strip Wax.

This wax is perfect for sensitive skin; something which most of us tend to suffer with throughout the winter months. It’s a luxurious green wax, enriched the natural benefits of Eucalyptus Oil. Eucalyptus Oil’s antiseptic properties help to open pores, prevent infection from occurring, and calm the skin. Suitable for vegans.

Outback Organics Jade Peelable

Outback Organics Jade Peelable

Jade Peelable.

Very similar to the Outback Eucalyptus Strip Wax, Jade also maximises the benefits of Eucalyptus Oil. Peelable Waxes in general are great for sensitive skin. They adhere to the hair follicle itself rather than the skin, which results in less skin pull and irritation. Jade’s lightweight, silky formula has a fresh, feminine aroma and is a great wax for waxing the face, underarms and bikini line.

Botanical Oil.

Outback Organics recommend using their Botanical Oil before waxing. Enriched with nourishing organic rosehip, olive and argan oils, the Outback Botanical Oil helps to create a protective barrier between the wax and the skin, resulting in minimal skin pull and more comfortable hair removal. It also helps maintain the body’s hydro-lipid layer. Suitable for vegans.

Hand & Body Lotion.

Restoring moisture into the skin after waxing is a vital part of the waxing process, but even more so throughout the winter. The Outback Hand & Body Lotion can be used as a part of the post-wax treatment process. It’s highly nourishing formula is enriched with Macadamia Oil, which quenches and soothes dry, itchy skin. It’s a great product to retail to clients, as it can be also used as a day-to-day moisturiser at home.

Posted on November 23rd 2020

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