Outback Organics Hair Removal Aftercare Advice

Hair removal aftercare advice from Outback Organics. There’s nothing like that smooth feeling after you’ve waxed. But how do you reduce the redness that often comes with waxing and to maintain the smooth feeling for longer? We have some helpful aftercare advice to help with hair removal issues. 

Prepare the skin by gently cleansing the area to remove traces of oil.

Our Gel Cleanser contains aloe vera and natural extracts of cucumber, rosehip and Australian bush mint to sanitise the skin ahead of waxing. The gel texture liquefies when massaged into the skin and as an alcohol-free formula, will not sting or dehydrate. Apply using gloved hands or a cotton wool pad and wipe over the treatment area.

Protect the body by keeping it nourished.

Following the Gel Cleanser, our Botanical Body Oil creates a barrier between the wax and skin and contains a nourishing blend of organic rosehip, olive, argan oils and the antioxidant benefits of green tea. Spray the skin with a light spritz of oil, from a good distance. If it is sprayed to close, this can cause the wax to roll off the skin. To avoid this, use a folded, flat tissue to remove any excess.

The Botanical Body Oil can also be used after a wax to remove any remaining wax residue.

Soothe and treat any inevitable irritations, bumps or pimples after waxing. 

Our Post-Wax Spray is great for soothing irritation on the chest, back, legs and arms. It contains cooling and skin-comforting extracts of aloe vera, cucumber, bush mint and menthol, plus vegetal glycerin to moisturise. While the antibacterial lemon myrtle oil and grapefruit seed extract help to prevent and treat pimples. This is a great option for men who often prefer a product that has a lightweight texture.

Another of our post-care products, which is a wonderful all-round choice, is the Aloe Gel. It is formulated with powerful plant extracts to cool and calm the skin and reduce redness and sensitivity. The light gel texture is absorbed quickly without stickiness, which is often appealing for men who prefer lightweight products.

Hydrate and moisturise the skin following a wax.

Our aftercare products work well together and can be easily layered. After using the Post-Wax Spray, the Post Wax Lotion is easily absorbed and the uplifting aroma of lemon myrtle and a blend of botanical extracts will soothe and protect the skin. Jojoba and rosehip oils deeply moisturise and assist in skin renewal and repair. While witch hazel and organic cucumber work to cool and calm. The antibacterial effect of lemon myrtle will work with the Post-Wax Spray to help prevent pimples and irritation.

It is especially important to care for intimate areas after waxing, which is why our rich, creamy, intensely moisturising Bush Balm is a popular choice for reducing redness and calming the skin. It can also be used on any other part of the body that looks or feels sore after waxing. And can be applied in a thick layer as a calming and hydrating treatment mask.

Take care of those pesky ingrown hair.

They’re a nuisance and they can be sore but our dual-action Ingrown Hair Serum prevents and treats ingrown hair. The formula will treat infection and help to free stubborn ingrown hairs to reveal smoother, blemish-free skin. The serum can be used two to three times a day over a three to five-day period.

If you follow those simple hair removal aftercare advice steps you should see results lasting longer. Interested in purchasing any of these items or need further advice on the best products for you? You can call the team on 01823 663322 or order through the website.

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Posted on February 21st 2020

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