Outback Organics’ New Educators

Outback Organics are happy to introduce 11 new educators to widen their training opportunities across the UK. They have recently hosted a train the trainer event at their Education Centre in Wellington, Somerset lead by Head Educator and waxing specialist, Claire Prior. Eleven new representatives of the Outback Organics brand undertook extensive training to be able to offer Outback Organics training in their area in the UK.

The day began with brand emersion, theory delivery and course content. The trainers delved into the ethos behind the brand and in-depth product knowledge to understand the usage and key benefits of each product.

This was then followed by advanced group practical sessions demonstrating an Intimate wax using the Outback Organics range.

Outback Organics states “We are thrilled to be able to broaden our training offering further afield and are confident in the selected trainers to perform the courses as close to how we have been delivering our current training as possible. The trainers selected each have extensive knowledge in the Outback range and are passionate about the brand and the products, which gives us confidence in their abilities. Some with wide education and training backgrounds who can deliver first class courses in their area.”

To meet the team click here.

To view the available courses click here.

Posted on October 25th 2019

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