Outback Organics Sustainability Goals

Outback Organics are putting in place Peelable wax incentives to reduce single-use plastic

Outback Organics are now offering 10kg and 20kg boxes of their best selling peelable hot wax, Opal and Gold. This is in the effort to stop the large consumption of single-use plastic bags salons ends up using when ordering large amounts of wax.

As well as this, customers will benefit financially as there is a saving when ordering in bulk. Salons could see a reduction of over £45 when ordering the large boxes of wax.

The wax will still be sealed in one plastic bag in the box to stop the wax from oxidising. They also advise keeping a resealable bag so you can bag them yourself for ease of use in the treatment room.

Steven Wright, Director of Outback Organics states ‘we are very happy with the direction our production and manufacturing of our products are moving in. To be able to offer these options is not inconvenient to us at all, but it means we can offer our customers a way to reduce their waste consumption and helps towards their salon sustainability. Once we came up with this initiative, we knew we had to put it in place as it was a no brainer in our eyes’. ‘This is slightly trickier with our skincare products as they are bottled offsite, but we are certainly thinking of ways which can help towards less waste. Only recently we have launched a 1ltr sized Bush Balm for professional use to reduce the number of smaller bottles being purchased regularly.’

Other steps Outback Organics have taken towards their sustainability goals have been swapping normal wet wipes to biodegradable wipes, offering a completely earth-friendly biodegradable travel bag, stocking cotton buds with paper stems only, using paper tape and biodegradable filler for packing.

To find out more contact info@outbackorganics.co.uk

Posted on March 9th 2020

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