Outback Organics: Up-cycling your Beauty Packaging.

Outback Organics: Up-cycling your Beauty Packaging.

2020 is set to be the year of ‘clean beauty’. As consumers we are no longer just concerned with what we are applying to skin, but also what it’s packaged in.

We are all aware that globally there is a serious plastic problem, and sadly the beauty industry is a large contributor to this issue. However, the beauty industry has made steps in the right direction, tackling the issue of microbeads and non-biodegradable wet wipes.

With this being said, we can probably all agree there is still progress to be made. As individuals, there are small changes we can make to help reduce our personal carbon footprints. Opting for beauty products with recyclable packaging is a good start. But what about up-cycling?

Up-cycling your used beauty containers takes reducing your beauty/salon waste to the next level. Not sure where to get started? No problem! We’ve come up with some creative ideas on how you can up-cycle your Outback Organics containers and give them a new lease of life.

Lemongrass and Lime Candle.

Glass candles are one of the easiest beauty containers to up-cycle. From pretty brush holders, to jewellery trinkets and cotton wool pad storage, the new possibilities for your empty glass candles are endless.

Our Wax Trainer for Outback Organics, Claire, uses empty candle pots to keep wax spatulas in; a fantastic idea for in salon use.

Outback Organics Candle with Spatulas.

How To: Reusing your glass candle couldn’t be simpler. Pour hot water (not boiling, or the glass will crack), into your glass candle to lift any excess wax to the top. Remove the wax, and then rinse & clean the candle with soapy water. Leave to dry & voila, say hello to your new brush holder.

Green and Gold Massage Oils.

These bottles are super decorative, so throwing them away is surely the last thing you’d want to do. Their botanical design makes them perfect for reusing as vases for flowers.

How To: Remove the caps, wash thoroughly and dry.

Wonder Balm Jar.

The wonder that keeps on giving. This small, compact jar is set to be your new travel companion. There are always small items we struggle to store in our bags when travelling, such as jewellery and pills. So why not reuse your Wonder Balm jar as a travel holder for your important small items.

How To: Wash the jar and cap thoroughly in warm, soapy water. Rinse and leave to dry.

Wax Tins.

You may have asked yourself in the past, what could I possibly reuse my wax tins for? Your question has finally been answered… Say hello to your new planter.

Add some creative flare to your salon, or home, by turning your old wax tins into a new home for your plants. A fantastic way of up-cycling your old Outback tins, but also advertising to your clients that you are using Outback waxes. Plus, adding plants into your salon or treatment room will help to oxygenate the air, and remove any lingering nasties.

How To: Pour hot water (not boiling, or the metal will distort), into your wax tin to lift any excess wax to the top. Remove the wax, and then rinse & clean soapy water. Alternative, you could use a wax equipment cleaner to remove excess wax, and then rinse & clean as above. Leave to dry.

You’ll need to do some DIY with this one and drill some holes in the bottom of your container to allow for drainage. Once all these steps have been completed, add soil & your desired plant.

Posted on February 17th 2019

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