Outback Peelable Waxes vs Traditional Hot Wax

Do you ever struggle to achieve the correct ‘working-wax’ temperature for your Outback Peelable Wax? Do you find the consistency is too gloopy? Are you finding yourself constantly playing around with your heater to find the correct heat setting? Then this blog post is for you!

About Outback Peelable Waxes.

Designed and developed after extensive consultation with professional waxers and salon owners, Outback Organics Peelable Waxes represent the latest generation in modern waxing.

These modern style Peelable Waxes benefit from an exceptional low-melting-point in comparison to more traditional hot waxes, making the overall experience for your client more comfortable, and enjoyable.

Outback Peelable Waxes vs Traditional Hot Wax. What’s the difference?

With many traditional-style hot waxes, the wax block or pellets are placed into a wax heater and are heated to a high temperature. When the wax starts to significantly melt around the edges, a therapist would then traditionally mix the remainder of the solid wax from the centre of the wax pot into the melted wax to bring the temperature back down to a more comfortable temperature for their client. This is where Outback Organics Peelable Waxes differ.

Our Peelable Waxes have been designed to work effectively at lower temperatures, and because of this, they will remain fairly solid within the centre of the wax pot. Throughout our training courses, we teach the method of taking the melted wax from around the edges of the pot. This is what we refer to as ‘working-wax’.

Stirring the solid wax into the melted wax with Outback Peelable Waxes will ultimately alter the workability and fluidity of the wax, changing the consistency from workable thick honey to a much more gloopy, sticky formula.

Opal Peelable Wax Temperature

Tips for achieving the perfect wax.

Here are some of our top tips for achieving the perfect ‘working-wax’ with our Peelable Waxes.

  • Don’t be tempted to speed heat your wax. This can alter the consistency and fluidity.
  • Use a digital thermometer to test the temperature of your wax. Outback Peelable Waxes should be heated to between 52-56 degrees c. Watch our Temperature Control video here.
  • Work from the melted wax around the outside. The centre of the wax will continue to melt down throughout the day.
  • Leave the centre of the wax solid – do not be tempted to stir this in. By doing so will alter the consistency and workability of your wax.

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Posted on December 7th 2021

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