Outback’s Pre & Post Care Range

Outback’s Pre & Post Care Range.

As many professional beauty therapists and waxers know, the care we give to our client’s skin before applying our wax is just as important as the care we give after the wax is complete. ⁠

At Outback Organics, we have a full range of Pre & Post Products available, which provide effective pre & post care for all areas of the body. In this blog post, we’ll explain when and where each product within the Pre & Post range can be used, and tips for effective application.

Pre Waxing Products. 

Gel Cleanser & Botanical Oil

Gel Cleanser: This alcohol-free cleansing product does exactly what it says on the bottle. Use our botanically enriched Gel Cleanser to sanitise the skin before applying your wax. Its gentle formula removes traces of oil, perspiration, and body care products, prepping the skin for waxing.

Usage: For larger areas of the body, such as the legs, back, and chest, apply into a gloved hand and massage into the treatment area. For smaller areas, such as the underarms, eyebrow, and upper lip, apply to a cotton pad and wipe thoroughly over the treatment area.

Botanical Oil: A light, protective body oil that helps to maintain the body’s own hydro-lipid layer. Use our Botanical Oil after cleansing the skin to create a protective barrier between the wax and skin.

Usage: Use under any strip or peelable wax. Suitable for use on all areas of the body. For larger areas, lightly spritz directly onto the skin and massage in, flowing both with and against the hair growth. For smaller areas, spritz onto a cotton pad and apply in the same motion. Remove any excess oil using a folded tissue. Top Tip: You cannot over-wipe.

Post Care Products.

Post-Wax Lotion: A light, silky-textured lotion with a refreshing citrus fragrance. Our Post-Wax Lotion is packed full of skin-loving nutrients, such as natural vitamins and essential fatty acids, which nourish and repair the skin after hair removal.

Usage: Massage into clean skin after waxing. Post-Wax Lotion is suitable for use on larger areas, such as the back, chest, legs, and arms.

Post-Wax Spray: A soothing, alcohol-free mist that helps to prevent and treat irritation, bumps, and pimples which can occur after body waxing. Enriched with the antibacterial effects of lemon myrtle and grapefruit seed extract, Post-Wax Spray helps to support the skin’s natural defenses. Highly recommend for use on male clients.

Usage: Suitable for use on larger areas, such as the back, chest, legs, and arms. Spritz onto clean skin after waxing. Allow to absorb into the skin before applying Post-Wax Lotion.

Bush Balm: A creamy, intensely moisturising lotion which quickly reduces redness and calms the skin after hair removal. Bush Balm can be used straight after waxing and between appointments to help prevent ingrown hairs and leave the skin soft and hydrated.

Usage: Suitable for use anywhere on the body. We highly recommend using this product after intimate waxing. Massage a generous amount into clean skin after waxing. For smaller areas, such as the underarms, apply a generous amount to a cotton pad and apply to the area. For areas that look particularly sore, apply a thick layer and tissue off any excess after 5-10 mins.

Aloe Gel: A refreshing, easily absorbed gel formulated with the powerful goodness of Aloe Vera. Our Aloe Gel helps to calm and soothe the skin after hair removal, and suitable for use after waxing, shaving, electrolysis and laser treatments.

Usage: Apply to clean skin after all forms of hair removal. We highly recommend using this product for the upper lip and eyebrow areas. For larger areas, follow with Post-Wax Lotion if additional soothing is needed.

Posted on June 7th 2021

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