Peppermint & Lemongrass Wonder Balm Review

Want super soft feet this summer and banish those cracked heels?

The Outback Wonder Balm is not only for home use. Andrea explains how she combines it in her treatments to give a luxury pedicure giving your clients nourished feet all year round!

“When doing a pedicure in the summer I’ll prep the dry skin then pop on the Wonder Balm using a spatula, I’ll put some of the balm in my hand and warm it by rubbing the product so it softens, I then massage it into the feet. I then wrap in a warm towel while I prepare their facial or manicure while the client sips on a glass of Prosecco or herbal tea.

In the winter I’ll do the same but use cotton feet mitts and heat mitts on low heat while the client enjoys a hot chocolate or herbal tea. I also use the Wonder Balm on the lower legs by adding some essential oil to the balm and massage in.”

The Outback Wonder Balm is so nourishing and moisturising that your clients could wear flip flops all year long! The nourishing balm refreshes and helps soothe dry cracked skin, such as feet, elbows and knees. Enhanced with cocoa butter to moisturise dry areas and help soften, repair and restore dry and damaged skin. Apply a small amount to the area and massage until absorbed. For optimum absorption, apply at night time before going to sleep.

Posted on July 1st 2019

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