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According to the statistics website Statista, there is estimated to now be 3.5 billion smartphone users in the world, with 55.5 million of these being situated within the United Kingdom. Which is a 40% increase since 2016! So with these figures in mind, and the adaptations we’ve all had to make recently to our businesses, you might be thinking about how salon booking apps could potentially benefit your business?

The popularity of Salon Booking Apps has grown in the last few years. Business website, Fit Small Business estimated that switching to a Salon Booking App could potentially increase your client base by 25%. But would a Salon Booking App work for your business, and what are the benefits of making the switch?

At Outback Organics, we have researched into the world of Salon Booking Apps for you to uncover the pros and cons. We have also taken the hard work out of finding the right Salon Booking App for you, by looking into the Top 4 apps to suit your salon, barbershop, and spa needs.

Simple Salon Booking App

Simple Salon Booking Software; manage your appointments, marketing and Xero accounting all in one place.

The Pros;

24/7 Client Access; Using a booking app will make your salon accessible to clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. According to Fit Small Business, 35% of clients prefer to book appointments outside of ‘working hours’. Not only this, they will also allow you to manage your appointment diaries more effectively, by keeping track of more limited appointment availability, and helping you to fit in your eagerly returning clients.

Convenience; Booking apps are more convenient for both you and your clients. Not only does it allow you to spend more time with your clients, than running to answer the phone every 10 minutes, it also allows your clients to book an appointment with ease and without having to sit on the phone waiting to get through. On the anticipated return to work, time is going to be more precious than ever, and making the switch to a booking app could save you a lot of this.

‘Last Minute’ Clients; Statistics show that 40% of appointments are made only 1 day before they are needed. Having a booking app will allow your clients to see your appointment availability at the touch of a few buttons, and capture those ‘last minute’ clients that might go a miss. ‘Last minute’ clients are going to be the least of your worries currently, but making these changes now could benefit your business long term.

Cancellations & No Shows; Many apps on the market come with payment options, giving your clients the option to pay in advance, or for your to set deposits for certain treatments. This will not only save you time and money but will also discourage irritating ‘no show’ appointments.

Eco-Friendly; If you want to move your salon in the direction of becoming more eco-friendly & sustainable, then booking apps are for you! Moving everything to a digital app format means there is less need for paper, making it a greener option for your business.

The Cons;

Access; With all smart-phone apps, internet access is a must! The convenience of a booking app that your clients can use anytime or anywhere is, of course, a huge plus point, but only if they have access to the internet.

Synchronised Calender’s; Even though we live in a digital age, technology isn’t to everyone’s taste. Traditional appointment books and calendars might remain as the preferred option for some of your staff members. If this is the case, then ensuring digital and hard copy books/calendars coincide with one another is a must to avoid client disappointment.

Time & Money; To start with, you will need to set some time aside to set up the app so it works effectively for your business. And then, of course, comes the cost. Many of the booking apps we have researched do come with a monthly premium, so deciding whether the potential costs work for your business is important.

Consider ALL your clients; As we mentioned previously, technology isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and therefore not all of your clients will have access to smart-phone technology. The ultimate goal is 100% client satisfaction, so do consider all your current/future clients before making the switch.

Still interested in making the switch?

As promised, here are the Top 4 Salon Booking Apps we’ve researched to help you get started.


Treatwell is Europes No.1 Hair & Beauty platform, which allows your clients to book appointments 24/7. A Basic Plan starts at £15/month, with an initial joining fee of £99. Please be aware that additional charges may apply.

Salon Iris.

Designed specifically for salons and barbershops. Salon Iris has all the basic features you’d expect from a booking app but also includes salon marketing tools, payroll options, and even a text confirmation and reminder feature when your clients book an appointment. No prices found on their website.

Simple Salon.

Simple Salon is the World No1. Beauty Booking Software. They have packages to suit any sized business, with packages starting from £21.99/month. Better still, there is no initial joining fee and you can try the app for free for 30 days. Simple Salon is also compatible with Xero Accounting.


Timely currently has over 40,000 users using their service. They offer flexible packages to suit any business size, starting from £13/month with the option to trial the service for free for 14 days. The app is suited for hair, beauty, barber, spa, massage, and even tattoo studio businesses. It’s also compatible with Xero Accounting.

Posted on June 15th 2020

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