Strip vs Peelable

What are the main differences between strip wax and peelable wax?

Strip Wax (Warm/Soft Wax)

Strip wax, or more commonly known as warm or soft wax, is a runny wax that is applied in a thin layer using a disposable wooden spatula. The hair is then removed by rubbing a paper or cloth strip against it and then quickly peeling it off.

Peelable Wax (Hot/Hard Wax)

Peelable or hot wax is a solid wax that melts when heated. Traditional ‘Hot’ wax is thicker and applied thickly with a drying time of 20-30 seconds. New generation hot wax, which we call peelable wax, is applied thinly and dries quickly. The therapist will remove the wax that has dried by pressing the spatula against the edge of the wax and then pulling the dried wax off without the need for waxing strips.

Which areas to use strip or peelable wax

Strip wax is most commonly used on larger less sensitive areas such as legs, backs, chests and arms. Whereas peelable wax is used on smaller more sensitive areas such as bikini/intimate areas, underarms and facial waxing.

Peelable is used on more sensitive areas as the wax adheres to the hairs and not the skin. Unlike strip wax where the wax sticks to both hair and skin meaning once the strip is removed the pull will cause a certain amount of trauma to the skin. You are more likely to see redness from strip waxing then you are with a peelable wax treatment for these reasons.

Pros & Cons

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Posted on May 20th 2020

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