Waxing vs Shaving; Pros and Cons

Waxing vs Shaving; Pros and Cons.

It’s a debate which has stood the test of time within the beauty industry, but which form of hair removal is better, waxing or shaving? There are pros and cons to both processes, and here at Outback Organics, we have delved into the world of hair removal to bring some clarity to the debate.

The Process.

Many of us have most likely picked up a razor in our lifetime, so we can assume that everyone is already aware of how the process of shaving works. But what about waxing? Whereas the process of shaving cuts the hair just below the skin’s surface, waxing removes the hair from the root.

And the Results?

No matter how well you shave, you will never achieve quite the same smooth results which come with waxing. And yes, that includes you ladies and gents out there who smother their legs in hair conditioner before shaving.

Why the difference in results? Not only does waxing remove the hair from its root, but it also provides a physical exfoliation of the skin. Waxing removes lifeless, dead skin cells along with the unwanted hair, which in turn leads to smoother feeling skin.

As much as shaving can be done at your leisure, you’ll find yourself picking up your trusty shaver several times a week. On average, shaving results last for approximately 2-3 days, whilst waxing can last up to 4 weeks.

Ingrown Hairs.

The most frustrating thing about both processes is the bumpy aftermath. Ingrown hairs are a nuisance! But these are less likely to occur with waxing.

With the correct pre-wax prep, wax application, technique and removal, ingrown hairs are less likely to appear after waxing. When the hair follicle has been removed from its shaft through the waxing process, it grows back much thinner and with a tapered end. Because of these reasons, the hairs are less likely to get trapped under the skin when they grow back.

However, when it comes to shaving the likelihood of getting ingrown hairs is much higher. When you shave, your hairs are cut leaving them with a blunt, raw edge. Because of this, they are more likely to get trapped under the skin during regrowth, especially in more delicate areas like the bikini area.

Do you have clients who struggle with Ingrown Hairs? Recommend our Ingrown Hair Serum. It’s dual-action formula both prevents and treats ingrown hairs and is suitable for all parts of the face and body.


There is no doubt that shaving is a quicker process, with the added convenience of being able to pick up your razor as and when you need to. Whilst in terms of time, waxing does take a little longer. Not only do you have to book an appointment in advance, but you also have to go through the “growing out phase”. For successful waxing, the hair growth needs to be at least ¼ inch.


The cost of waxing can vary between treatments and salons. At current, the average cost of a Leg Wax in the UK is between £17- £27. Shaving in the more cost-effective, (and painless) option, with high quality, branded razor costing at around £3.99. However, with the results lasting for a shorter amount of time, the cost between the two treatments may balance themselves out.

Posted on March 23rd 2020

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