We’re Feeling The Love

Whether you’re celebrating Valentines Day, Palentines or Galentines, we’re here for it. Love in all its varied forms deserves to be celebrated, regardless of what that looks like for you.

Did you know?

♥ Valentines Day was first celebrated as a day of romance in the 14th Century. It may have its origins in the Roman festival of Lupercalia, a fertility festival to herald the coming of the spring.

♥ There are multiple Christian saints and martyrs that the festival could have been named for, but the most commonly held belief is that it was named for Saint Valentine of Terni, who defied his emperors’ orders by secretly marrying couples to save the husbands from war. He may also have later fallen in love with his jailors’ daughter, signing his letters with ‘Your Valentine’.

♥ In the Philippines, Valentines Day is the most common wedding anniversary date, with mass weddings of many couples being held on this day.

♥ Galentines/Palentines is usually held on the 13th February, celebrating platonic love and friendships. Galentines Day was started after a reference in Parks & Recreation by Lesley Knope as a day for ‘women celebrating women’, but the more gender inclusive ‘Palentines’ followed in the next few years. 

Whatever kind of love you’re celebrating this year, we want to share the love with you. We want you to tell us your funniest waxing stories! Head on over to our Instagram and find the V-Day post to comment. We will choose one person to win a bag of our best-selling Opal Peelable, a bottle of Bush Balm and a mini candle.

Posted by Dawn on February 13th 2024

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