Which Wax Heater Should I Choose?

If you’re in the market for a new wax heater, it can be quite daunting to know where to begin. Here, we’ll run through some of the differences between our range of heaters, and hopefully help you to decide what’s right for your needs. We will look at the roller cartridge heaters as well, but these we’ll cover at the end.

Some heaters are single heaters, with one compartment to heat one type of wax at a time. Some are doubles (or even triples) to allow you to heat multiple types of wax at the same time, ideal if you’re performing a lot of waxing treatments with no time to swap them out in between. 


Most wax heaters are either designed to hold a 400g/500g tub or an 800g/1000g tin. The type of strip wax you use will dictate what size of heater you want to use. The hot/peelable waxes tend to be more flexible in these terms as they come in pellets or blocks and are inserted into a container in the heater, rather than going in directly like a tin of strip wax would. If you’re using Outback Organics gel waxes, these come in 800g tins, so you would need a heater that’s 800cc or larger. 1000cc is the most common size and are perfect for our tins. The Outback Classic waxes come in 425g pots, and these would need a 500cc heater. The double heaters in the Hive range mostly have one side of 1000cc and one of 500cc making them flexible for any type of wax.

Smaller heaters are available and are ideal for mobile therapists and those doing smaller treatments such as brow waxing. They are most practical for peelable/hot wax, as they won’t hold a full container of wax.

Also worth considering in terms of size is the available space on your waxing trolley. Our heaters have the dimensions listed as a part of the description, so make sure you have the space for your chosen heater before you commit.

Analogue or Digital

The choice between analogue and digital heaters is predominantly one of preference, however there are some factors that will affect which you might choose. A digital heater displays the temperature setting in numbers and has buttons to adjust up and down, where an analogue heater will have settings without a direct correlation to temperature and a dial to manually turn. Both allow for fine adjustments as temperature fluctuates in your salon through the day. If you like to use a timer switch for your heater to turn them on automatically in the morning you will need an analogue heater, as this isn’t compatible with digital settings.

Roller Heaters

Our roller heaters are designed specifically for 100g wax cartridges and are compatible with various brands. We stock both Outback Organics and Hive roller wax heaters, and the two are very similar. They are both sold separately, but up to three can be linked together to heat multiple cartridges using the same plug socket.  We also stock the Hive Multi-pro and Mini-Multi Pro, which hold the cartridges in individual chambers. The cartridges are then removed from the heater and held in the hand. Please be aware that waxing cartridges lose temperature rapidly once they are removed from the heater, so will need to be replaced in the heater in between applications.

All the inners included in our range of heaters come with a scraper bar and handle for ease of use. 

We recommend that you use a thermometer for all waxes to ensure that the temperature of the wax is within safe and effective parameters. The thermostats of heaters can vary and the atmospheric conditions within your salon can really affect the way wax behaves. 

Find our full range of currently available heaters here. 

Posted by Dawn on May 30th 2024

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