Your Guide to Waxing in Winter

Follow this guide to ensure healthy hair free skin all year round.

The days are shorter, the weather colder and the hair on our legs seemingly longer. Lots of us tend to make the mistake of thinking that waxing is only necessary during the summer months when we’re sunning ourselves on beaches and baring our legs on a daily basis. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth – waxing in the winter is in some ways more beneficial for your skin than in the summer. Here at Outback Organics, we’re revealing the reasons why waxing isn’t just seasonal practice and sharing with you 6 advantages for waxing in winter.

1. It Relieves Dry Skin:

The colder winter weather is extremely harsh on your skin and this means that just moisturising alone won’t be sufficient enough to deeply hydrate your skin. Waxing opens up your pores and gently exfoliates your skin by removing dead skin cells, which allows moisturiser to be easily absorbed by your skin. Remember to exfoliate with the Outback Organics Face and Body Scrub before your wax for best results and then apply our Hand and Body Lotion or our Lemon Myrtle Hand & Body Lotion to keep your skin in tip top condition. 

2. It Will Keep Your Hair Growth Cycle Even:

If you touch up certain areas by shaving in emergencies, rather than maintaining a regular waxing routine, then your hair growth pattern will become uneven and out of sync. Maintaining a regular waxing regime will keep your hair cycle regular, making your salon visits less frequent and more effective.

3. It Keeps up Your Good Work: 

If you fall into the habit of shaving during the winter months, then you undo all the good work that your months of summer waxing has done. Waxing weakens the hair follicle, but shaving will make hair grow back coarser. If you carry on with regular waxes, then waxing will become easier and less painful as your hair gets thinner and more sparse. Waxing in winter will see you reap the benefits of finer hair next summer.

4. It Cares For Your Skin: 

Creams used after waxing will add extra moisture and hydration to your skin. By exfoliating and applying the recommended moisturiser and soothing products after your wax, you are treating your skin to all the extra hydration it needs during the winter. Follow your winter wax with the Outback Organics Botanical Body OilBush Balm and Aloe Gel to soothe and hydrate your skin. 

5. It Doesn’t Irritate Your Skin

During the colder months, your skin can become more sensitive due to its dryness. In the winter your clothes can irritate chafing and flaky skin. Waxing in winter gives a little exfoliation to the skin to remove flakiness and when cared for with the correct after-care products, waxed skin is less susceptible to the irritations that are associated with shaving. Apply the Outback Organics Ingrown Hair Serum and Post Wax Spray to your skin to keep bumps and ingrown hairs at bay.

6. It’s Convenient: 

Maintaining the same waxing regime you had in the summer throughout the winter will make sure that you are always prepared for those last minute parties, it is almost the party season after all! We forget that we still swim and hit the gym throughout winter and it pays to be prepared with a long lasting wax treatment. It also means that you don’t have to worry about being prepared for a winter getaway to somewhere a lot hotter. 

Posted on September 19th 2017

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