Our top pick of stress & anxiety calming essential oils.

It’s a well-known fact that we love essential oils at Outback Organics, using both Tea Tree and Lemon Myrtle as base ingredients for many of our skincare products. But alongside their skincare benefits, many essential oils also have stress & anxiety calming qualities to them.
Stress-related health issues and anxiety have become more common in recent years, impacting negatively on both our mental and physical health. With everything that’s going on in the world at the moment, some of you might be experiencing the symptoms of stress and anxiety for the first time. But do not worry, as we’re here to help you through this challenging time, offering advice and tips to help restore a sense of calm.
Since ancient times, aromatherapy has been used to help promote feelings of calm and relaxation. The art of aromatherapy often involves either inhaling or topically applying pure essential oils to the skin, to relieve stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression.
There are many essential oils on the market, and each one comes with a unique remedy profile. Out of the many essential oils available, we have picked out five which all have stress and anxiety calming benefits to them.


This is a must-have essential oil if you regularly experience stress and anxiety. Lavender helps to restore the nervous system by lowering both your blood pressure and heart rate. It’s fantastic for calming your nerves, soothing restlessness and improving your quality of sleep.
Combine with a carrier oil, and apply to your temples or wrists. It’s also great for aromatherapy massage!


The sweet scent of rose essential oil will not only delight the senses but also soothe your emotions, alleviate headaches and bring balance to your hormones. This essential oil will also help to strengthen your heart muscle in periods of high stress, grief and depression.
Combine with a carrier oil and apply to the skin, or use in a warm bath for an ultra-relaxing soak.

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang essential oil will help to promote comfort, joy and relaxation. It acts as a great natural remedy for both anxiety and depression and helps to reduce your heart to restore calm and improve your overall mood.
Try adding to a reed diffuser or adding a few drops to your bath. Combine with a carrier oil to use on the skin, and apply to your neck and wrists.


Just like the tea! This essential oil promotes inner calm, reduces anxiety and helps calm the nervous system. It’s also a great essential oil for all-round stress relief.
Combine with a carrier oil and apply to the solar plexus and belly button.


Jasmine essential oil has been used throughout Asia for years as a natural remedy for anxiety, stress and depression. It’s stimulating effects on the brain help to improve both mood and energy levels. It’s also a great essential oil for treating symptoms of insomnia, as it acts as a natural sedative.
Combine with a carrier oil and apply to the wrist or neck, or add to a hot bath.


Just like the tea! This essential oil promotes inner calm, reduces anxiety and helps calm the nervous system. It’s also a great essential oil for all round stress relief.
Combine with a carrier oil and apply to the solar plexus and belly button.


Jasmine essential oil has been used throughout Asia for years as a natural remedy for anxiety, stress and depression. It’s stimulating effects on the brain help to improve both mood and energy levels. It’s also a great essential oil for treating symptoms of insomnia, as it acts as a natural sedative.
Combine with a carrier oil and apply to the wrist or neck, or add to a hot bath.

Using Essential Oils Safely

Please be aware that essential oils are high concentrated, so some safety precautions need to be observed when using them at home. It is advised that pregnant women, babies, children and elderly adults, or those with serious illnesses research into the oils they wish to use to ensure they are suitable and safe to use.
It’s also worth noting that some essential oils are highly toxic to domestic animals, and because of this should be used cautiously in diffusers.
Essential oils should always be diluted with a carrier oil before being applied to the skin. Oils such as Coconut, Olive, Sweet Almond and Argan are perfect carrier oils.

Let us know your experiences with essential oils in the comments below or follow our updates on social media.

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Tea Tree & Lemon Myrtle

Essential Oils; Uncover the powerful benefits of Tea Tree & Lemon Myrtle.

Since the creation of the Outback Organics brand, we have used both pure, organic Tea Tree Oil and Lemon Myrtle as the main base ingredients for many of our botanical products. They are two of nature’s strongest known antiseptics and are both wonderful remedies in the treatment of countless skin ailments, cuts, scrapes, insect bites and minor infections. However, there are also several other fantastic benefits to both of these ingredients.

Tea Tree.

Tea Tree is one of the world’s most well-known and most studied essential oils. Extensive research has proven the incredible healing properties of pure Tea Tree Oil. The benefits of this magic ingredient don’t just stop there. Tea Tree can also be used as an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and a natural sanitiser.

Outback Organics Tea Tree Oils

We use Tea Tree Oil within the following Outback Organics products; Tea Tree Face Cream, Hand & Body Lotion, Skin Wash, Post-Wax Spray.

We also stock Pure Organic Tea Tree Oil in 10ml, 30ml and 50ml sizes. Click to Shop.

Read our previous blog post on Tea Tree Oil.


Lemon Myrtle.

Alongside it’s the delicious and uplifting citrus aroma, Lemon Myrtle can also have some fantastic health benefits. This citrus ingredient is valued for it’s antioxidant, antimicrobial, antiseptic and anti-fungal properties. When used in its pure essential oil form, Lemon Myrtle can also assist in the treatment of throat and skin infections, as well as boosting the immune system.

We are proud to say that Outback Organics was one of the first skincare companies within the UK to utilise the benefits of this fantastic ingredient. Because of its anti-fungal properties, Lemon Myrtle is also commonly used within household cleaners and air fresheners because of its fantastic anti-fungal properties.

Lemon Myrtle

We use Lemon Myrtle within the following Outback Organic products; Lemon Myrtle Hand & Body Lotion, Lemon Myrtle & Mint Skin Wash, Post-Wax Spray, Botanical Oil, Post-Wax Lotion and our Biodegradable Wet Wipes. Click to Shop.

Read our previous blog post on the benefits of Lemon Myrtle.


Using Pure Essential Oils.

There are some great benefits to using essential oils in their purest forms, but it is still advised by professional aromatherapists to approach this with caution. Here are a few Do’s & Don’ts on using pure essential oils;


  • Apply a couple of drops of neat essential oils onto a tissue, and inhale directly.
  • Use natural, pure essential oils in home diffusers. It’s recommended to run a diffuser with the doors shut and whilst the room is empty, and the aerate the room afterwards. Using an anti-viral oil like Tea Tree Oil will help to cleanse the air/room of potential viruses. Caution: Tea Tree Oil is highly toxic to cats & dogs.
  • Dilute essential oils with a carrier oil, and apply them directly to the skin to treat minor cuts, abrasions, and infections.
  • Use whilst bathing or showering. Apply a few drops of essential oil to your shower walls, and inhale deeply as your shower to allow the essential oils to effectively enter the nasal passages. Only apply to your bath in a diluted form.


  • Do not mix essential oils with water. Making a surface sanistiser with essential oils might seem like a good idea, but essential oils will not mix properly with water, and will just sit on the top of the water. Plus, it’s worth noting that water-based products will start to grow microbes in around 24-48 hours.
  • Do not make your own hand gel/sanitiser with essential oils. To kill potential bacteria and viruses, the strength of the essential oils would have to be significantly high. The high level which are required could irritate the skin.
  • Always consider the health implications that could occur when using essential oils. Some can affect those who are on blood-thinning medication.
  • Less is more when it comes to essential oils. Apply neat to the skin increases the risk of skin sensitivity and irritation.



Winter Newsletter 19/2020

Vote for us in the Guild Awards of Excellence 2020!

Voting for The Guild Awards of Excellence 2020 is now open! The awards have been designed to recognise the suppliers and training schools that people working within the professional beauty industry believe have gone the extra mile. 

We were beyond thrilled to be shortlisted last year for Best Hair Removal Supplier – we had so much support from all of you, our wonderful customers!
Once again, the voting is now open and let’s see if we can win it this year!
So, if you think Outback Organics is a worthy of recognition, please vote for us.


The Guild Awards of Excellence 2020 categories available for nomination are:

·         Best Customer Services

·         Best Web Services

·         Best Skincare Supplier

·         Best Nails Supplier

·         Best Gel Nails Supplier

·         Best Tanning Supplier

·         Best Uniform Supplier

·         Best Beauty Equipment Supplier

·         Best Furniture Supplier

·         Best Hair Removal Supplier

·         Best Lash Supplier

·         Best Wholesaler

·         Best Supplier Specific Training

·         Best Eyebrow Treatment Supplier

·         Best Anti-Ageing Supplier

·         Best Use of Social Media

·         Best Cosmetics Supplier

·         Best Training School-Nails

·         Best Training School-Beauty

·         Best Training School-Holistic

·         Best Male Grooming Supplier

·         Best Hair Brand

·         Best Spa Brand


There are 23 categories in total, covering a wide range of the industry. In the first stage of voting customers can make a nomination for any company. Each person can only nominate one company per category. To nominate customers must register on our website beautyguild.com so we can verify their identity. As a thank you for taking the time to participate voters will receive a free Guild G@zette Digital subscription worth £9.99 for the year.

A shortlist of the top four names most voted for in each category will be featured in the March/ April issue of Guild Gazette.

When the shortlist is announced we will then ask the professional beauty industry to vote for their favourite in each category. The company that receives the most votes in each category will then receive a prestigious Guild Award of Excellence.

Guild Awards of Excellence – Dates For The Diary

  • Initial nominations close on Wednesday 15th January 2020
  • Shortlist announced Friday 17th January and revealed in the March/ April issue of Guild Gazette
  • Final voting closes on Tuesday 31st March
  • Winners announced on Friday 3rd April and detailed in the May/ June issue of Guild Gazette

Outback Organics’ New Educators

Outback Organics’ New Educators

Outback Organics are happy to introduce 11 new educators to widen their training opportunities across the UK. They have recently hosted a train the trainer event at their Education Centre in Wellington, Somerset lead by Head Educator and waxing specialist, Claire Prior. Eleven new representatives of the Outback Organics brand undertook extensive training to be able to offer Outback Organics training in their area in the UK.

The day began with brand emersion, theory delivery and course content. The trainers delved into the ethos behind the brand and in-depth product knowledge to understand the usage and key benefits of each product.

This was then followed by advanced group practical sessions demonstrating an Intimate wax using the Outback Organics range.

Outback Organics states “We are thrilled to be able to broaden our training offering further afield and are confident in the selected trainers to perform the courses as close to how we have been delivering our current training as possible. The trainers selected each have extensive knowledge in the Outback range and are passionate about the brand and the products, which gives us confidence in their abilities. Some with wide education and training backgrounds who can deliver first class courses in their area.”

To meet the team click here.

To view the available courses click here.

Featured in Professional Beauty:


When Veganism meets the Beauty Industry.

Clean Beauty: How the latest lifestyle trend ‘Veganism’ is positively affecting the beauty industry.

Veganism; Most of us have probably heard of the word by now. Once considered to be an “alternative” lifestyle option, veganism is now considered to be a mainstream lifestyle choice adopted by millennials as a healthier and sustainable lifestyle alternative. With an estimated 3.5 million people in the UK thought to have abstained from animal products, the outlook for global veganism growth is nothing short of optimistic.

As consumers, we have become accustom to words like recycling, eco-friendly and biodegradable and thought about ways of cutting down on our personal carbon footprints. Now the words Vegan, Veganism & Cruelty-Free are also terms which we seem to naturally be adopting into our vocabulary.

According to The Economist, 2019 was set to be the year of the Vegan. With social trends such as Veganuary, which this year saw an incredible 250,000 people sign up for, (double the amount from the year before), and ‘Plant Power Day’ on the 7th March, it’s clear that Veganism isn’t just another ‘fad’ trend.

Not just about diet.

Be honest, when you hear the word ‘vegan’ how many of you naturally draw your minds to diet? Vegan diets have been proven to have an array of health benefits, including weight loss, lower blood sugar and improved kidney function. But as much as many make the swap to veganism to abstain from the consumption of animals there are several other aspects such as animal cruelty and environmental impact which sway consumers into the lifestyle change.

With the veganism lifestyle growing at a large rate, Food, Fashion & Entertainment industries have had to adapt to the consumers demand for vegan friendly products, and now this change has also progressed into Beauty.

Veganism & Beauty.

The Vegan Cosmetics industry is expected to reach $20.8 billion dollars by 2025, according to Grand View Research. We are no longer just concerned with what we are putting into our bodies, but also what we are putting onto our bodies. Whether you’re a Vegan or a Non-vegan, animal testing is something we have all started to become more aware of over the last few years, and most of us now look for beauty alternatives which are both cruelty-free and vegan friendly. It’s estimated that half of British women are now buying cruelty-free and vegan friendly beauty products, with a third of those not following a strict vegan lifestyle. It’s believed that new social trends such as ‘clean beauty’ & ‘conscious beauty’ have caused a spark in this.

But what’s the difference between the two? Cruelty-free means the products have not be tested on animals. Vegan friendly means the products do not contain any animal products, such as beeswax, animal fat, and crushed beetles. Let’s be honest, you don’t have to be a vegan to be put off by that.

Essential Beauty Supplies & Veganism.

At EBS we offer a selection of beauty supplies which cater to the vegan beauty market. Our brands such as ORLY Beauty and Xanitalia offer vegan friendly options as a part of their ranges, and as a company, veganism is something we are mindful of when developing new products to bring to the market. As an example, we recently launched our new waxing system, Depil8, which is made with natural ingredients, cruelty free and largely vegan. We also have our increasingly popular Outback Organics range, which is 100% cruelty-free and offers a range of vegan friendly products, including our Best-Selling Opal Peelable Wax. Our entire range of Outback Organics pre and post wax products are also vegan, including our Post Wax Spray, and Pre/PostWax Botanical Body Oil, as well as our Strip Waxes and Roller Cartridges.

Consumers are now naturally drawn to the ingredients section of the product to check for potential hidden ingredients. Our reputation at EBS speaks for itself. We offer our customers both trust, and security in the products they are purchasing which carry the vegan friendly label. A large proportion of our customers come to us as we offer vegan friendly & cruelty free products. We are seeing an increasing amount of new customers who are looking for more sustainable and environmentally friendly options, not just for their own views or beliefs, but because of client demand.

Outback Autumn Newsletter 19

Outback Organics launches new biodegradable, earth friendly travel bag

We have reinvented our popular ‘Little Wonders for Down Under’, the bundle will now come in larger bags holding 100ml products rather than the smaller 50ml products. The bags are completely biodegradable, even the zip, are travel friendly and you can reuse them after you’ve used the products!

Plus, we have introduced two additional versions to cater for everyone, the ‘Wonder-ful Body’ set and the ‘Wonders for Him’ set.

You and your clients can now take all your Outback essentials with you this summer in this clear, earth friendly plastic travel bag, perfect for your travels home or away.

The bag is made from Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) which is an earth friendly plastic copolymer that is both biodegradable and recyclable. The cotton and the alloy used on the zipper is also biodegradable.

The bag is available to buy separately or in a handy kit filled with all your Outback essentials.

Big Wonders for Down Under

Wonder-ful Body set

Wonders for Him

Olympia Beauty 2019

We are excited to be exhibiting at Olympia Beauty in September to show our latest advances in waxing and pre and post products. We will also be showing our extended range of retail products available for clients to purchase in spas and salons to enhance their ‘at home’ skincare routine.

Come and try

We will have our brand-new massage oils available for you to try on our stand which were recently launched at Professional Beauty London. The Outback Green & Gold Massage Body Oils are packed full of pure essential oils and organic herbal extracts helping to bring a sense of calm, relieving stress and over-tiredness as well as being intensely hydrating.

Plus, try our full range of skincare products and entice your senses with our invigorating and zesty lemongrass & lime candle.

Waxing Demonstrations

Claire, waxing specialist and Outback Educator, will be on hand to demonstrate the Outback range. Waxing demonstrations will be scheduled this year so you can plan your day efficiently.

Sunday:    11.00 – 12.00
14.00 – 15.00

Monday:  11.00 – 12.00
14.00 – 15.00

What’s in the pipeline

Hoping to launch at the show will be our brand-new Outback reed diffuser, giving an alternative to our Lemongrass & Lime candle which has proven popular with spas and salons. We wanted to give a separate solution to our candle to reach a wider audience who prefer a diffuser to scent their space. The diffuser will be scented with Grapefruit & Mimosa, a light and delicate aroma with a hint of citrus.


As always, we will be offering fantastic prices to all show-goers who can expect to receive 20% off waxes, pre & post products and retail products (does not include heaters). We are thrilled we can offer such fantastic deals, but please be aware of the terms and conditions. The offer is only valid across the two days of the show; therefore, your orders will need to be placed and paid for at the show.


We are running a fantastic competition this year and are giving away over £100 worth of Outback Organics retail products PLUS a cheese plant to decorate your salon/space/spa with! Which as you know is the inspiration behind our logo. T&cs apply*.

Follow the steps below to be in with a chance of winning!

1- Fill out this survey https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/DGHBPN9

2- Post a picture of you or one of your customers enjoying one or more of our retail products

3- Tag us @outbackorganics and use the hashtag #OutbackRetailComp

Good luck!

 Competition T&Cs:

There is one prize which consists of
a range of Outback Organics retail products to the value of £100 as well as
a cheese plant to decorate your spa/salon.

Products in the prize are: 1x Green
& Gold Massage body oil, 1x Grapefruit & Mimosa reed diffuser, 1x
lemongrass & Lime candle, 1x Big wonders for down under (contents listed above),
1x peppermint & lemongrass wonder balm, 1x lemon myrtle & mint skin
wash, 1x cheese plant.

Entry is open to residents of the UK except employees (and their
families) of Outback Organics, its printers and agents, the suppliers of the
prizes and any other companies associated with the competitions.

The entrant(s) must be aged 18 or over.

In order to enter this competition,
entrants MUST fill out our competition survey, AND share a picture of one of
our retail products to the Outback Organics Instagram OR Facebook page and to
tag us @outbackorganics and use the hashtag #OutbackRetailComp.

The promotion is open to entries from
6th September 2019 until 4th October 2019.

One winner will be chosen at random
on the 7th October and notified via email and announced on social
media. Entries who haven’t completed all the steps above will be discarded and
won’t be entered into the prize draw.

All prizes are non-refundable,
non-transferable and non-exchangeable and there is no cash alternative offered.

The winner(s) is (are) responsible for expenses and arrangements not
specifically included in the prizes, including any necessary travel documents,
passports and visas.

The prize will be sent via post to
the address supplied within 1 week following provision of the winner’s address
in accordance with paragraph.

By entering this competition, you
agree that the promoter may store and use the image and comment you enter into
this competition, and may use your name.

In the event of a prize being
unavailable, the promoter reserves the right to offer an alternative prize of
equal or greater value.

The promoters reserve the right to
amend or alter the terms of competitions at any time and reject entries from
entrants not entering into the spirit of the competition.

Waxing Educators needed in Scotland & Wales

Be an Outback Organics Educator

Due to high demand we are expanding our training offering and need waxing specialists who are advanced in all areas of waxing, especially intimate. And would like to teach and educate technicians in advanced waxing techniques using Outback Organics wax. To become a trainer for Outback Organics you will need a minimum VTCT level 3 teacher trainer assessors award or equivalent.

Benefits of being an Outback Educator:

  • Great discounts off training stock plus discounts off personal stock!
  • Full marketing support including social media coverage as and when needed to our 4,677 followers.
  • And you will be featured on the Outback Organics website.

So, if you love the Outback Organics products and brand and would like to represent us contact us on 01823 663322 or email info@outbackorganics.co.uk to show your interest!

Areas and locations of educators required in the UK:

  • Scotland
  • Wales

Minimum VTCT level 3 NVQ teacher trainer assessors award (or equivalent) required.