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World Vegan Day

World Vegan Day; Shop with confidence! Take a look at our range of cruelty-free and vegan products.

Whether you lead a vegan lifestyle or not, we think we can all agree that World Vegan Day is something worth celebrating. As more consumers make the switch to veganism or living a more conscious lifestyle, we are seeing more brands and manufactures’ tapping into the vegan beauty industry.

According to an article by Grand View Research, the vegan beauty industry is set to reach 20.8 billion USD by 2025, growing at a rate of 6% every year. Accelerated by the millennial generation and the “clean beauty” movement, consumers are becoming increasingly passionate about the products they are not only putting into their bodies but also the products they are putting onto them, favouring beauty products made solely from plant-based ingredients, rather than by-products of animals.

Cruelty-free vs Vegan. What’s the difference?

It’s easy for consumers to assume that a cruelty-free product is also vegan. The two often come hand in hand with one another, but it’s important when catering for vegan clients to understand the difference.

Cruelty-free; Products which have not been tested on animals.

Vegan; Products which do not contain any ingredients or by-products of animals.

When you purchase a product from Outback Organics, it’s worth remembering that all of our products are not tested on animals, meaning they are 100% cruelty-free. They are also free from synthetic colouring and fragrances, parabens and other harsh chemicals.

Our Vegan Products.

We are proud to be able to offer a fantastic range of products which cater to vegan clients. Here is our list of vegan-friendly products:


  • Opal Peelable Wax
  • Gold Strip Wax & Roller Cartridge
  • True Blue Strip Wax & Roller Cartridge
  • Eucalyptus Strip Wax & Roller Cartridge
  • Amethyst Strip Wax & Roller Cartridge
  • Amber Strip Wax
  • Cherry Roller Cartridge

Pre & Post Products

  • Gel Cleanser
  • Botanical Body Oil
  • Bush Balm
  • Tea Tree Skin Wash
  • Tea Tree Hand & Body Lotion
  • Aloe Gel
  • Post-Wax Spray
  • Post-Wax Lotion

Retail Products

  • Ingrown Hair Serum
  • Face & Body Scrub
  • Lemon Myrtle & Mint Skin Wash
  • Lemon Myrtle Hand & Body Lotion
  • Green & Gold Massage Body Oils

Look out for our Vegan Symbol. To allow you to shop with confidence at Outback Organics, we have made sure to include our vegan symbol on all of our vegan-friendly products.

Outback Organics Vegan Range

Discover our entire Vegan product range here.

New waxes from Outback Organics

Outback Organics has recently launched two new waxes to add to their collection.

Following on from their previous releases, they will both be gel formulated. If you are an avid Outback user know, they go on very thinly and leave little to no sticky residue on the skin. The first of the two is called Amethyst which was recently launched. Amethyst is a shimmery, sparkly purple smelling of bubble-gum and plum. The second is Amber which is a molten lava orange which smells of sweet citrus.

Director of Outback Organics and Essential Beauty Supplies, Steve Wright says ‘We’re always looking to develop new products for the waxing industry to give our customers an array of options.’

Head trainer at Outback Organics and waxing specialist, Claire Prior, also comments. ‘We’re extremely excited about these two new waxes. The performance is excellent, they smell divine and they look incredible. We can’t wait for our customers to start using them and fall in love as we have. We have been working on these for a little while now to perfect the formulation.’

Claire has been in the industry for 25 years, both as a therapist and a trainer. The majority of work was for a London based Beauty Academy; training and preparing students for 5/6* cruise line work.

To find out more about Outback Organics and they’re products go to or you can follow their updates on social media @outbackorganics

Outback Organics Sustainability Goals

Outback Organics are putting in place Peelable wax incentives to reduce single-use plastic

Outback Organics are now offering 10kg and 20kg boxes of their best selling peelable hot wax, Opal and Gold. This is in the effort to stop the large consumption of single-use plastic bags salons ends up using when ordering large amounts of wax.

As well as this, customers will benefit financially as there is a saving when ordering in bulk. Salons could see a reduction of over £45 when ordering the large boxes of wax.

The wax will still be sealed in one plastic bag in the box to stop the wax from oxidising. They also advise keeping a resealable bag so you can bag them yourself for ease of use in the treatment room.

Steven Wright, Director of Outback Organics states ‘we are very happy with the direction our production and manufacturing of our products are moving in. To be able to offer these options is not inconvenient to us at all, but it means we can offer our customers a way to reduce their waste consumption and helps towards their salon sustainability. Once we came up with this initiative, we knew we had to put it in place as it was a no brainer in our eyes’. ‘This is slightly trickier with our skincare products as they are bottled offsite, but we are certainly thinking of ways which can help towards less waste. Only recently we have launched a 1ltr sized Bush Balm for professional use to reduce the number of smaller bottles being purchased regularly.’

Other steps Outback Organics have taken towards their sustainability goals have been swapping normal wet wipes to biodegradable wipes, offering a completely earth-friendly biodegradable travel bag, stocking cotton buds with paper stems only, using paper tape and biodegradable filler for packing.

To find out more contact

Professional Beauty London 2020 – Postponed

POSTPONED UNTIL OCTOBER 2020. Read full statement from show organisers here.


Come and try our new waxes

We will have our brand-new strip waxes, Amethyst and Amber, available for you to try on our stand. These luxurious shimmering, vegan friendly waxes have a low heating temperature and leaves little residue on the skin due to their non sticky gel-like formula. The innovative soft wax has a low melting point for superior client comfort and effective ‘speed waxing’ of legs, arms, backs, and chests. Its pleasant gel texture glides smoothly over the contours of the body to remove the toughest of hair cleanly and easily, with no stickiness left behind. In addition, the Amethyst has a captivating fragrance of fruit, bubble-gum and plum, whilst the Amber is scented with a sweet orange aroma.

Check out our new Amethyst strip wax here.

Waxing Demonstrations

Claire, waxing specialist and Head Outback Educator, will be on hand to demonstrate the Outback range. Make sure to visit us throughout the day for demonstrations including our two new strip waxes, Amethyst & Amber.


As always, we will be offering fantastic prices to all show-goers who can expect to receive 30% off waxes, 20% pre & post products and retail products and wax heaters. We are thrilled we can offer such fantastic deals, but please be aware of the terms and conditions. The offer is only valid across the two days of the show; therefore, your orders will need to be placed and paid for at the show.


We are running a fantastic competition this year with Professional Beauty, which will be launched very soon on both our social media channels.


Click here to register for this event.

Ask the Experts – Mobile Waxing

Featured in Professional Beauty: 

As a freelance waxing therapist, what measure should I take to avoid accidents or claims?

Outback Organics Head Educator, Claire Prior explains how to cover yourself if you are a mobile waxing therapist. First point is the therapist’s insurance (public liability) covering for mobile treatments (referred to as freelance) and/ or from home. The insurance needs to specifically cover mobile or from home liability. Also, the home would preferably need to be owned and not rented.  However, although it is not generally permitted to run a business from a rental property, it is a possibility to do now.  If the property is rented there will be stipulations on what you are doing; for example, more than 40% of the property needs to remain residential (which a beauty room would come under) and there must be written permission from the landlord as there is potential additional wear and tear to consider.

As a mobile therapist, the most well-known damage caused to client’s homes is wax spillage on carpets, walls, flooring and furniture. So, protection of client’s homes is imperative by using a large plastic (wipeable) sheet to place under the couch that is adequately sized to catch falling wax and setting up in a space where flying wax cannot reach the clients’ property.

Another common mishap is wax heaters (already heated) falling in the vehicle in transit. If the vehicle breaks suddenly or hard during the drive, the heater will fall. A square bottom heater tends to be more stable at staying upright, or placing the heater into a box which will a) collect any spillage and b) keep the heater in an upright position. Always carry equipment cleaner for any immediate spillages on hard floors, around the heater or wipeable furniture.  Invest in an in-car charger for your wax heater. It will be ready to use on arrival to your client rather than having to wait or speed heat your wax for use.

A common problem with mobile therapists is back issues from lifting and carrying equipment and product to and from the vehicle. Use a couch weighing no more than 10kg or less. Carry only stock that is required for the treatment you are doing. Make more trips to and from vehicle to carry instead of overloading your weight and risking injuring your back.

Outback Organics’ New Educators

Outback Organics’ New Educators

Outback Organics are happy to introduce 11 new educators to widen their training opportunities across the UK. They have recently hosted a train the trainer event at their Education Centre in Wellington, Somerset lead by Head Educator and waxing specialist, Claire Prior. Eleven new representatives of the Outback Organics brand undertook extensive training to be able to offer Outback Organics training in their area in the UK.

The day began with brand emersion, theory delivery and course content. The trainers delved into the ethos behind the brand and in-depth product knowledge to understand the usage and key benefits of each product.

This was then followed by advanced group practical sessions demonstrating an Intimate wax using the Outback Organics range.

Outback Organics states “We are thrilled to be able to broaden our training offering further afield and are confident in the selected trainers to perform the courses as close to how we have been delivering our current training as possible. The trainers selected each have extensive knowledge in the Outback range and are passionate about the brand and the products, which gives us confidence in their abilities. Some with wide education and training backgrounds who can deliver first class courses in their area.”

To meet the team click here.

To view the available courses click here.

Featured in Professional Beauty:


New product launch – Outback Reed Diffuser

Outback Organics have launched a Grapefruit and Mimosa reed diffuser.

The new Outback Grapefruit and Mimosa Reed Diffuser, gives an alternative to their very popular Lemongrass & Lime candle. Developed to give a alternative solution, to the candle, Outback Organics hopes to reach a wider audience who prefer a diffuser to scent their space.

The diffuser is scented with Grapefruit & Mimosa, succulent, tangy grapefruit is sweetened by fruity blackcurrant and crisp apple notes. A soft floral base of mimosa and lilac adds a delightful finishing touch to this enchanting fragrance. Diffusion time is up to 10 weeks.

This extends Outback Organics home and salon fragrance offerings with the possibility and potential for future fragrances.

Shop the new Reed diffuser here.

New product launch – Biodegradable cosmetics bag

Outback Organics launches new biodegradable, earth friendly travel bag

Outback Organics have released a new product – biodegradable cosmetics bag which have replaced their popular ‘Little Wonders for Down Under’. The new Big Wonders for Down Under now come in larger bags holding 100ml products rather than the smaller 50ml products. The bags are completely biodegradable, even the zip, are travel friendly and you can reuse them after you’ve used the products!

Plus, they have introduced two additional versions to cater for everyone, the ‘Wonder-ful Body’ set and the ‘Wonders for Him’ set.

You and your clients can now take all your Outback essentials with you this summer in this clear, earth friendly plastic travel bag, perfect for your travels home or away.

The bag is made from Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) which is an earth friendly plastic copolymer that is both biodegradable and recyclable. The cotton and the alloy used on the zipper is also biodegradable.

The bag is available to buy separately or in a handy kit filled with all your Outback essentials.

Biodegradable Wet Wipes

Outback organics have made the swap to biodegradable wet wipes in their effort to become a more sustainable company.

Outback Organics are making big strides towards making environmentally friendly changes to their products, manufacturing and packaging in their effort to become a more sustainable company.

Earth friendly wipes

The latest swap they have made are biodegradable intimate wipes and wet wipes. Outback Organics have opted for a less environmentally harmful option by making the wipes biodegradable. The wipes will break down naturally once disposed of and can even be composted.

Formulated with no harsh chemicals, Outback Organics intimate wipes are infused with chamomile and aloe vera which are gentle on the skin and are perfect for intimate and sensitive areas. The new Outback wet wipes will now have a citrus and ‘lemony’ aroma in line with their new lemon myrtle range. Lemon myrtle has powerful antimicrobial properties and is a natural antiseptic and lends itself to being an excellent ‘active’ ingredient within skin care products. The wet wipes come in a pack of 24 and will be available to purchase soon.

Why are wet wipes so bad for our environment?

Wet wipes, baby wipes and cleansing wipes have a massive detrimental impact on the environment and wildlife habitats along with other issues such as one of the main causes of ‘fatbergs’ once flushed down the toilet. Flushing wipes down the toilet is never recommended as flushable wipes still remain a big problem when it comes to our waterways and sewer blockages.

As well as being harmful to our environment and causing major sewer blockages, wet wipes are also changing our riverbeds. Even before the wipes reach our seas, they are causing havoc in our rivers and canals. Wipes drift to the bottom of the bed, getting clogged with mud, sticks and other debris, forming part of the riverbed often misleading the human eye into looking natural and it has been reported that they are changing the shape of some riverbeds. Once the wipe has eventually reached our sea’s and oceans, they get ingested by sea creatures, such as turtles, who mistake them for jellyfish and ultimately die from the unnatural substance.

Outback Organics comments, ‘We are happy to be able to offer our customers environmentally and earth friendly alternatives which will help towards the sustainability of our future.’

For more information on their biodegradable wipes click here.