One of my clients' is prone to ingrown hairs, what can I recommend?

We have developed a serum to help reduce ingrown hairs. We suggest to use the serum 24 hours after waxing.

One of my clients is a strict vegan, which products can I use on her?

Vegan-friendly products:

  • All of the Outback Pre and Post products are vegan-friendly.
  • All of our Outback Strip Waxes are vegan-friendly.
  • Outback Opal Peelable, Vegan Jade Peelable, and Vegan Onyx Peelable.
  • Roller Cartridges – True Blue, Gold, Eucalyptus, Amethyst, Amber, & Cherry.
  • Outback Green & Gold Massage Body Oils.

Products that are not vegan-friendly:

  • Gold Peelable.
  • Tea Tree Creme Wax.
  • Priscilla Pink Wax.
  • Honey Wax

Which of your waxes would you recommend for eyebrows and the upper lip?

We recommend either our Outback Opal Peelable or Vegan Jade Peelable for all facial waxing.

Opal Peelable is strip-free, hypoallergenic, and perfect for ultra-sensitive skin.

Vegan Jade Peelable contains eucalyptus, which helps to soothe the skin and open pores for more gentle hair removal.

We would also recommend Vegan Onyx Peelable for men’s facial waxing treatments.

Which wax would you recommend for intimate areas?

We recommend our Outback Opal peelable for all intimate waxing. It is strip-free, hypoallergenic, and perfect for ultra-sensitive skin. As an alternative, you can also use Vegan Jade Peelable for female intimate waxing.

How many full-leg waxes do I get from a 100g cartridge?

1 full set of legs.

How many full-leg waxes do I get from an 800g tin of Outback Strip Was?

Approximately 5-6 full sets of legs.

How often does a client need to rebook for an intimate wax?

3-4 weeks

How long should an intimate wax take?

Booking time: 40 minutes

Treatment time: 30 minutes

What is the best temperature for Vegan Jade and Vegan Onyx Peelable Wax?

Generally, 52-56 degrees. However, every pot thermostat has a slightly different temperature and heat distribution. Please check with a pen thermometer and the consistency of the wax, the wax should run off the spatula like thick honey.

What is the best temperature for Opal and Gold Peelable Wax?

Generally, 52-56 degrees. However, every pot thermostat has a slightly different temperature and heat distribution. Please check with a pen thermometer and the consistency of the wax, the wax should run off the spatula like a thick honey.

The wax isn't removing all of the hair; I am having to overlay my wax

Terminal hair:

If the hair is short and stubborn, standard application of removal may not take the hair out. Apply your peelable against the hair growth removing with the direction of the hair growth using the wiggle technique.

Vellus hair:

Apply your peelable wax against the hair growth, also removing against the hair growth direction making sure the skin is fully supported.

How do I remove wax residue that is left on the skin?

Use botanical oil on a cotton pad to wipe away residual wax deposits. Follow with cleansing gel and post-wax treatment.

My client has had one of the following reactions: Skin lifting, infected/raised follicles, burnt skin, bruising

Please ensure you are following all the steps below with each wax:

  • Use Outback Gel Cleanser for every client.
  • Use Outback Botanical Oil for every client.
  • Do not use strip wax on sensitive areas such as eyebrows, upper lip, underarms or intimate areas.
  • Use peelable wax for back and chest waxes ensuring full cleansing and use of botanical oil as part of your procedure. Use the post wax spray for skin prone to infected follicles followed by aloe gel.
  • Always support the skin with every removal.
  • Check wax temperature periodically to look for changes in consistency indicating a temperature increase or decrease.

How long does the hair need to be for an intimate wax?

Approximately 1cm or 2-3 weeks growth minimum.

Can you wax a pregnant client?

Había recommends not to wax within the first trimester. After this period, up until the due date, it is safe to wax as long as the client is well and not experiencing symptoms that indicate that it is not conducive to their safety. Take into consideration:

The heightened sensitivity during pregnancy – work in smaller patches and ensure your stretch/ support of the skin is thorough.

Never lay the client flat on their back or front, keep them at a 45-degree angle and allow them to lay on their side in order to wax the backs of the legs Make sure you book more time out for a pregnant client to allow for comfortable posturing.

Can I wax a client who has her period? What precautions should I take?

We recommend that your clients use a Mooncup for hygiene and comfort. Alternatively, a tampon will need to be used and the string will need to be hidden to avoid any contact with the wax.

How do I deal with erections with a male intimate wax client?

You will encounter erections. It is a sensitive area and the client will be feeling nervous and anxious, especially if this is a new experience for them. The erections could also reappear intermittently during the course of the treatment. The best course of action is to ignore it and perhaps move to a different area until it subsides accordingly. It is also reassuring for the client if you simply acknowledge and assure them that this is normal and you can continue your treatment professionally. If your safety is compromised at any stage and the client is, in fact, acting inappropriately, please leave your treatment room and alert a team member immediately.

Additional awareness for your clients before having a waxing service (stated on your website or business social page)

Do not use any acid products on the areas for at least 3 days before the wax treatment. Do not use hair removal creams or shave for 2 weeks before your wax treatment. Please shower before your wax treatment. Wipes will be provided for your own use to cleanse your intimate area before your treatment. If you have your period, we recommend you use a Mooncup or a tampon. The string will need to be hidden as much as possible for the treatment.

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