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PR, Social Media & Marketing Executive Job Vacancy
An exciting opportunity has arisen for a creative and hard-working PR, Social Media & Marketing Executive to join our growing team at Essential Beauty Supplies and Outback Organics.In this role you will be responsible for the day to day running of all marketing activities including social media,..
The benefits of Lemon Myrtle Oil
As you may have noticed, we are growing our range of lemon myrtle products, not only because it smells AMAZING but because of its incredible health benefits too! We have recently introduced the Lemon Myrtle Hand & Body Lotion and the Lemon Myrtle & Mint Skin Wash to our range! So what are ..
First time waxing clients: frequently asked questions
For first time waxing clients, it can be quite a daunting experience so it is no wonder you will often get asked a lot of questions. To offer your clients reassurance, make sure you are ready with informative and useful answers, which will not only help them prepare properly, but help you too. PR..
12 Reasons to Wax Instead of Shave
Many people still turn to shaving when it comes to hair removal but there are many reasons why waxing is much better for you including saving you time, caring for sensitive skin and for safety! We take a look at the 12 reasons to wax instead of shave.  You can’t cut yourself ..
Outback Organics at Professional Beauty London 2018
It’s almost that time again, in a couple of weeks, we will be heading to one of the biggest beauty events of the year, Outback Organics will be at Professional Beauty London, The Excel. Come and find us on stand R50!We have been attending the trade event for over 20 years and as it has grown, so hav..
We are now offering wax training sessions in the North of England
Over the past couple of months, we have been busy growing our training programmes across the country and with the demand increasing, we are delighted to welcome Emma on board! Emma will be joining Claire to deliver both product knowledge and the latest techniques in intimate waxing, covering the Nor..
A Christmas gift for Outback Organics customers
Dear Outback Organics Customer,As we approach the end of another year, I have been reflecting on a fantastic 2017 but more importantly, I have also been prepping for an even better 2018! Before I get into all of that though, I wanted to take the opportunity to say THANK YOU to our loyal customers fo..
6 Brazilian Waxing Tips For Your First Salon Trip
If you have booked your first Brazilian bikini wax, then you will know that it differs from the traditional bikini wax in that all hair is removed (front, back and in between). The idea of a Brazilian wax may still seem a little daunting; however, you have already overcome the biggest hurdle in ..
Why does my client experience skin lifting, infected follicles, burnt skin or bruising, post wax?
This is a question we often get asked by our customers but don't worry, there are lots of simple changes you can make to your waxing system in order to avoid skin lifting, infected follicles, burnt skin or bruising after being waxed. Our range of pre and post wax care products will prepare the ..
Top 14 uses for tea tree oil
Tea tree has been recognised for its disinfecting and healing properties for more than 80 years but the indigenous people of New South Wales had known about it for centuries beforehand. Australian Aborigines treated cuts, burns, and wounds with it and they would even chew on tea tree leaves to all..
The Best Waxing Techniques to Consider for Your Clients

Discover the best waxing techniques to use on your clients and how to adapt these to suit different areas of the body and hair types.

Outback Organics Hair Removal Aftercare Advice
There’s nothing like that smooth feeling after you’ve waxed but in order to reduce the redness that often comes with waxing and to maintain the smooth feeling for longer, here is our hair removal aftercare advice.   1    Prepare the skin by gently cleansing the are to remove trac..
A Guide to Waxing in Winter
The days are shorter, the weather colder and the hair on our legs seemingly longer. Lots of us tend to make the mistake of thinking that waxing is only necessary during the summer months when we’re sunning ourselves on beaches and baring our legs on a daily basis. In fact, nothing could be f..
7 Things Your Beautician Wishes You Knew
Yes waxing isn’t the most relaxing beauty appointment to endure, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be made easier and nor is it something you should avoid out of fear. Whether you’re guilty of over thinking it, heading to the salon with barely-there-hair, or not applying any aftercare products..
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