Our wax training packages are designed to provide you with a first-class experience when it comes to learning the best techniques and skills in Outback Organics wax.
We offer both onsite training at your venue and a range of monthly group sessions at one location. This includes an introduction to Outback Organics with product knowledge, the latest wax techniques for strip and peelable waxing and full accredited female intimate waxing. Whether you are newly qualified and not quite at a confident level, or you want to advance your skills from basic waxing to intimate waxing, we can provide you will the skills and confidence to do this. Please see below details of our training courses and opening packages with generous savings inclusive of our fully accredited intimate wax training.

Meet our Specialists Trainers

* Please note all prices displayed do not include our training expenses. Depending on your location, you will incur a charge for our trainer's accommodation and travel.This is in addition to our training course fees.