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Gold Roller Cartridge Wax 100g

Gold Roller Cartridge Wax 100g

  • £2.00
  • £1.25

Give your clients a first class waxing experience with this great all-rounder wax, which reveals beautiful skin all year round.
The gold shimmering wax looks truly luxurious and will help give clients the confidence to bare their skin and leave them feeling truly pampered like a star. Outback Organics Gold Roller Wax has a low heating temperature and with easy application, leaves little residue on the skin due to its non-sticky, gel-like formula.

The innovative soft wax has a low melting point for superior client comfort and effective speed waxing of legs, arms, backs and chests,which for busy salons and busy clients, is far more economical, maintaining a high standard in results.

The pleasant gel texture glides smoothly over the contours of the body to remove the toughest of hair cleanly and easily with no stickiness left behind.