Strip Waxes

Reveal beautiful skin with our range of gel formulated strip waxes. Removing the toughest of hair cleanly and easily with no stickiness left behind.

All of our gel formulated strip waxes are vegan friendly including the roller wax cartridges as well. Choose between our all time customer favourite, True Blue strip wax, with a blue shimmery appearance, the wax glides smoothly over the contours of the body to remove the toughest of hairs cleanly and easily with no stickiness left behind. Coming in next we have our newest strip wax, our Eucalyptus, a luxurious green shimmering wax enriched with eucalyptus oil which ensures pore opening and maximum hair removal. Or give your clients a first class waxing experience with our Gold strip wax, with a low heating temperature and with easy application, your clients will be in the upmost comfort during their waxing treatment.